Netanyahu Has Dug Himself Into a Hole at a Graveyard Full of Untruths

(MEMO Opinion) — Benjamin Netanyahu has dived headlong into the furore engulfing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, revealing the most blatant meddling to-date by Israel in British politics. What’s more, he’s done it armed with lies and distortions. The Israeli Prime Minister blasted Corbyn for apparently paying tribute to those behind the 1972 Munich massacre in which […]

Turkey Just Joined Russia in Liquidating US Treasuries

(ZHE) — Last month, when we reported that Russia had liquidated the bulk of its US Treasury holdings in just two months, we said that “we can’t help but wonder – as the Yuan-denominated oil futures were launched, trade wars were threatened, and as more sanctions were unleashed on Russia – if this wasn’t a dress-rehearsal, carefully coordinated with […]

Australia’s AMP channeled pension funds to subsidiaries: inquiry

August 16, 2018 By Paulina Duran SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s No.1 retirement and wealth management company AMP Ltd paid hundreds of millions of dollars from customers’ retirement accounts to its subsidiaries in possible contravention of trust laws, an inquiry heard on Thursday. The allegation is the latest blow to the once-venerable firm which could face […]

US Military Spending Bill Could Force Al Jazeera to Register as ‘Foreign Agent’

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Foreign-owned media outlets that don’t always tow the line in the US could find themselves under dramatically increased scrutiny under the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with analysts predicting that Al Jazeera will be the first news media outlet to fall victim. The NDAA provisions were designed by groups openly hostile to Al Jazeera, […]

Colorado Rights Panel Defies High Court’s Cakeshop Ruling, ADF Argues

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) officials are suing the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) and its executive director for doing what the Supreme Court specifically barred, attorney Kristen Waggoner said on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday. “We’re suing the executive director. I mean, the Supreme Court made it abundantly clear that the Commission was wrong […]

In Defense of the All-American Road Trip

In 1998, I took my first self-driven road trip into the vastness of rural America. No GPS. No destination. No reservations. Just myself, my camera, and a Rand McNally atlas. And it changed the way I think. Twenty years later I’ve seen so much of our great land, but what I haven’t seen is still […]

1968: Freedom Without License

Dividing U.S. politics and culture into old and new, 1968 remains a landmark year in the public mind. Amid failure in Vietnam, the much-detested President Lyndon Johnson announced he would not seek re-election in late March, and four days later, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis. Cities across the country burned. Berkeley, where […]

America’s Facebook Friend Allies

Washington has been supremely embarrassed—by a nominal ally, as usual. After the Trump administration insisted that its involvement in Yemen helped reduce civilian casualties there, Saudi Arabia promptly launched an air attack that slaughtered a bus full of school children. It was a demonstration of how America’s allies often cause more trouble than her enemies […]

Churchill’s Compassionate Conservatism

In July of 2001, the British government loaned President George W. Bush a bust of Winston Churchill, which was prominently displayed in the Oval Office for the remainder of his presidency. After the September 11 attacks that year, many saw the sculpture as a symbol of unity between these two countries in the aftermath of […]