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Jamie Dimon Apologizes To Trump (Again), Insists He's "Done With Politics"

Just in case you missed it the first time, JP Morgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon sincerely wants the world to know that he’s truly sorry for the mean-spirited comments about President Trump that he made earlier this week. To wit, in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” earlier today, the CEO again insisted that he has no plans to challenge President Trump in 2020. In fact, Dimon insisted, he has no political ambitions whatsoever – which might help assuage the concerns of major JPM shareholders (not to mention members of Dimon’s board) who expect him to stick around for at least another four years, like he promised. “I’m done with politics,” Dimon declared in response to a question from ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis, blaming his impudent remarks on “machismo.” Dimon’s decision to quit while he’s ahead is hardly surprising, considering has reputation for being one of the most shrewd leaders on Wall Street (and, as ABC pointed out, the last CEO of a major US bank who is still standing 10 years after Lehman’s bankruptcy).  That’s because, unlike Trump, Dimon is a staunch Democrat who has insisted that his wealth “wasn’t a gift from daddy” (even though his father…

Source: Zero Hedge | Jamie Dimon Apologizes To Trump (Again), Insists He's "Done With Politics"

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