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Team Macron challenges French Senate over bodyguard hearing

September 16, 2018 By Richard Lough PARIS (Reuters) – Close allies of the French president rounded on the opposition-led senate, warning it against abusing its power and seeking to undermine the presidency after it compelled Emmanuel Macron’s former bodyguard to answer questions over his violent conduct. Alexandre Benalla is under criminal investigation after he was filmed beating a protester while wearing a riot helmet and police tags, a scandal that has plunged Macron’s presidency into its gravest crisis since he won power in May 2017. On Wednesday Benalla agreed to face questioning by senators after being told he risked prison if he refused to comply with the parliamentary inquiry. Macron’s lieutenants have cautioned the Senate against over-reaching its powers and encroaching on a judicial investigation. Opponents of the president fired back, denouncing what they called an unprecedented attack on parliament. “Any commission of enquiry that was to have political ambitions…and was to think it could use its role as a check on government to bring down a president would be violating the constitution,” Christophe Castaner, leader of Macron’s Republic on the Move party (LREM), told a news conference on Friday. While the criminal probe is investigating Benalla’s actions during the…

Source: One America News | Team Macron challenges French Senate over bodyguard hearing

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