St. Louis Federal Reserve Admits Bitcoin is Much Like Other Currencies

The St. Louis Federal Reserve in the U.S. issued a blog post based on a paper written by Berentsen and Schär that draws three main similarities between Bitcoin and other national currencies. The post St. Louis Federal Reserve Admits Bitcoin is Much Like Other Currencies appeared first on Ben Swann's Truth In Media.

Judge Napolitano: Troublesome Questions for President Trump

In a startling revelation earlier this week, The New York Times published what it claims are 49 questions that special counsel Robert Mueller sent to lawyers for President Donald Trump. The questions are apparently a road map of inquiry that Mueller and his prosecutors and FBI agents plan to put to the president if the […]

Civil Rights Groups Urge Top Body Cam Maker to Not Implement Facial Recognition

Police body cams are traditionally viewed as a tool to hold police accountable for their actions, but a new research and development initiative by top U.S. body cam developer Axon has civil liberties groups worried that the devices may soon begin to contain features useful to spy and collect data on citizens instead. NBC News […]

UK Parliamentary Committee Presses Zuckerberg to Address Privacy, User Data Questions

Damian Collins, Member of Parliament (MP) and chair of the UK’s Parliamentary Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee, recently issued a letter to Rebecca Stimson, the head of public policy at Facebook UK, renewing the committee’s request for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s physical presence before Parliament as well as additional information detailing the company’s protocols. Zuckerberg has […]

Reality Check: The Fight for Alfie Evans

His name was Alfie Evans, a 24-month-old baby who died in the UK on Saturday. Though his life was mercilessly short, Alfie was at the center of a heart-wrenching debate over who should have final authority over a child’s medical care: the parents, or the state. And at what point does medical care cross the […]

Portsmouth: New Hampshire’s Digital Currency Hotspot

New Hampshire has become home to an impressive number of cryptocurrency-accepting businesses, with several businesses embracing the decentralized benefits of cryptocurrency by offering common payment options such as Dash, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can find the hub of this movement in the town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is described as “Bitcoin Village.” A significant […]