Stephen Hayes BLASTS ‘lying political hack’ John Brennan — and Jon Favreau gets NASTY

In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, retired Navy Admiral Bill McRaven blasted Donald Trump over the decision to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance: Admiral Bill McRaven commanded the raid that killed bin Laden. Now he writes: Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President — Karen Tumulty (@ktumulty) August 16, 2018 McRaven […]

Hey, us too! Senate passes resolution reaffirming the press is not the enemy of the people

On the same day hundreds of newspapers coordinated by The Boston Globe all published editorials pushing back on President Trump’s anti-press rhetoric, the GOP-led Senate also unanimously passed a resolution saying the press “is not the enemy of the people” and plays a “vital and indispensable” role. The Senate just passed a resolution affirming that "the […]

Poll: Democrats hold a more favorable view of socialism than capitalism

As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness got an earful from his fellow liberals when he suggested that the Democrats really need to come up with some center-left candidates who can perhaps score votes from both Democrats and centrist Republicans. This seems to be a pattern, too. Progressives believe all the […]