Michigan Dem Lawmaker Apologizes for Slurs Against Asian Opponent

Michigan state Rep. Bettie Cook Scott (D.) apologized Thursday for a series of racist insults she used about election opponent Stephanie Chang (D.), who also serves in the state’s House of Representatives. More than a dozen community groups criticized Scott for calling Chang, a Taiwanese woman, “ching-chong” and telling black voters they ought to be […]

Coast Guard Cutter Unloaded More Than 12,500 Pounds of Cocaine This Month

A drug lord somewhere is going to be really, really mad. The Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton reported back to port in Port Everglades, Florida, on August 1 with its haul of over 12,500 pounds of cocaine, along with some marijuana and eight suspected smugglers. The ship’s 67-day patrol had them, the USCGC Alert and the USCGC […]

Sanders Dodges on Ellison Situation: ‘You’ll Excuse Me, I’ve Got to Get Going’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) is one of Rep. Keith Ellison’s (D., Minn.) most prominent allies, but he didn’t have any advice Thursday for Ellison in the face of domestic abuse allegations. Sanders said he had “nothing” when the Washington Post asked for his opinion on how Ellison should respond to his former girlfriend going […]

Justice Dept. Says State AGs Misunderstand Cody Wilson Settlement

The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it filed a brief in opposition to a preliminary injunction against a State Department agreement with 3D-printed gun pioneer Cody Wilson. The injunction was requested by a group of state attorneys general in federal court. In the brief, DOJ accused the AGs of misunderstanding the issue at […]

Joe Donnelly Gets Fundraising Help from Anti-Wall Extremist Cory Booker

Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly (D.), on the airwaves this week boasting of his support for funding a border wall with Mexico, received a helping hand from his New Jersey colleague Cory Booker, who was caught earlier this month calling for the elimination of all walls. Donnelly is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the […]

News Outlets Coordinate Mass Editorial Statements Denouncing Trump’s Attacks on Media

More than 300 media outlets across the country published coordinated editorials Thursday morning condemning President Donald Trump for his consistent attacks on the news media. The project was organized by the Boston Globe’s editorial staff, who contacted editorial boards around the U.S. and asked if they’d contribute to the effort to combat Trump’s criticism. “Today […]

Special Board Gives Leftist Activists a Direct Line to the Census Bureau

The Trump administration should disband an Obama-era board that aims to emphasize the role of racial identity in government policy, a paper released by the Heritage Foundation Wednesday argues. Heritage Foundation scholar Mike Gonzalez argued in the new policy brief that President Donald Trump should take aim at the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, […]