Mnuchin: "No Chance For Currency War"

It’s damage control time. In the aftermath of Trump’s comments from late last week, in which the president slammed both the higher dollar (which “puts us at a disadvantage”) and rising rates (“tightening now hurts all that we have done”), implying he was generally displeased with the Fed’s monetary policies if later saying he […]

Why Did 'Russian Agent' Butina Meet With Obama's Fed, Treasury Officials In 2015?

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina had far more significant contacts in Washington than previously known – having taken part in April, 2015 meetings between a visiting Russian official and two senior officials at the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, according to Reuters which sites people familiar with the meetings, as well as a report from a […]

3 Urban Legends of Bitcoin Debunked

Authored by Kenny Li via, When I started my first company in the cloud computing space in 2011, much of it was similar to what I see in cryptocurrency today. It’s a seemingly complicated subject that has terms and acronyms that the average person can’t wrap his or her head around, which leads […]

Joint Publication 3-12 Cyberspace Operations

Cyberspace operations (CO) is the employment of cyberspace capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve objectives in or through cyberspace. This publication focuses on military operations in and through cyberspace; explains the relationships and responsibilities of the Joint Staff (JS), combatant commands (CCMDs), United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), the Service cyberspace component (SCC) […]

Goldilocks On The Rocks: Why Next Week's GDP Will Be "The Last Best Print"

Authored by Andrew Sheets, Morgan Stanley Chief Cross-Asset Strategist Next week the US Department of Commerce reports its advance estimate of 2Q GDP. It’s likely to be a whopper. Our US economics team expects it to register at +4.7%, and given the unusually large number of moving parts at work this quarter, a 5-handle […]

John Brennan: Melting Down & Covering Up

Authored by Peter Van Buren via The American Conservative, It isn’t a pretty face, but one scarred from a dark past, repackaged now by the frenzy of “resistance.” Accusing Donald Trump recklessly, implying he knows more than he lets on, promising redemption: John Brennan is the face of American politics in 2018. But before […]

Key Fact Obscured in Immigration Coverage: MS-13 Was Made in USA

David Frum (Atlantic, 6/20/18) rejects the “extremism” of holding the US responsible for creating the conditions that force mass migration. In a piece for the Atlantic (6/20/18), former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum countered statements by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, in which Hayes described a harrowing first-person account of a mother forcibly separated from […]